Breathing Life into Large Dull Walls through the Magic of Art

Decorating houses and offices isn’t a child’s play. Whether you choose to spruce up the décor yourself or you hire a team of interior designers, choosing the perfect pieces to adorn your space isn’t an easy task. What needs to be kept in the corner of the room; which theme of colours to follow across the entire space; and what kind of lightnings to be used — these are some questions which can still be answered.

The major problem arises when you have a beautiful space ready but on the side stands a dull lifeless oversized walls. The question which gets highlighted here is what can be done in order to beautify large walls. If you are wondering about the various ways in which you can remodel dull and lifeless walls of your reception area, boardroom or hallways, then here is a perfect solution for you— Art.

There are innumerable ways in which one can utilise art to glamorize the look and feel of any space. Whether you choose to purchase an antique contemporary artwork or are planning to buy Indian art, you can be rest assured that a good painting would glam-up your room. There are multiple number of ways in which you can beautify your lifeless walls and three of these are mentioned below.

  • Oversized Art: If you choose to make a statement then an oversized art piece is your best friend. A gigantic painting would act as a focal point, thereby beautifying your large boring wall. Placing a large painting would grab all the attention to itself thereby eliminating the need to be assisted with something else. However based on your taste, you can add small elements to accentuate the beauty of your painting even more.
  • Art Sets: These are a trending style at the moment. Using a set of paintings is a unique way of giving chic look to the oversized wall. As the paintings are in a set, they go on to beautifully complement each other. You can use them in a pair to accentuate the appeal of your walls; however, for large walls trios are the best bet. Art pieces coming in sets of three (art trios) provide a lot of contrast and give an amazing appeal to the entire room. There are innumerable ways in which you can choose to use art trios. A lot of people these days prefer to buy Indian art trios as the vibrant colour theme and impeccable designs helps in adding a glam factor to the entire room.
  • Decorative mirrors: As the wall is already quite huge, you need to put in certain pieces which will help in making it more visually attractive. Mirrors are a good option as they reflect light which means that they help in making the place look more spacious. Decorative mirrors will not only help you in making your space roomier, but will also help in adding beauty to it. A good way to spice things up is by using paintings and decorative mirrors together. You can buy Indian art pieces or strategically place them around a huge statement mirror. Another possible way could be to use a variety of different art forms like contemporary, modern, etc. and then use them with a decorative mirror to create a beauty.

There are countless ways in which you can adorn your oversized wall. A thing which you must always remember is the décor of your entire room and the texture/colour theme of the wall. In whichever way you are choosing to decorate your wall, it must be in sync with the entire theme of the room. Mix-and-match works, statement pieces work but you must always pay special attention to the way you are using them. There is a difference when you choose to decorate the large wall of your reception area and your bedroom’s oversized partition. You must keep the purpose, place and themes in mind before deciding on your art piece.

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