New Trends for your Custom Website Design

The World Wide Web certainly is dynamic and ever-changing; just as there are trends in fashion and business, there are trends in terms of web design as well – trends that should not be overlooked! Creative website design involves tailoring your site in order to match these trends, thus remaining relevant whilst presenting your company or organisation’s services in a manner which is deemed favourable by the mass of internet users.


Responsive Design

The overwhelming usage of smartphones and tablets simply cannot be ignored. Responsive web design makes provision for a multitude of screen sizes and devices so that every user enjoys the optimal experience on a variety of different platforms. 


Make the Most of One Page

This does not translate to content stuffed together and endless scrolling, but rather, lightboxes, overlays and expanding tiles. This helps reduce the time spent loading new pages as well as the average amount of clicks per visitor. 


Varied Typography

Readability is key; a font that looks great for big, bold headings may not be suitable for body text, but now the two don’t necessarily have to be the same. As a rule, there must also be a high contrast between the background and the text colour so that visitors never have to strain to read any of the text.


Big Imagery

Instead of patterns or textures in the background, there is a growing shift towards massive background images – even differing images in the style of a slideshow. This bold visual approach immediately captures the visitors’ attention, piques the interest and draws them in. 


Flat Design

At first, this may seem like a step backwards, but a website with less clutter is very appealing and much easier to navigate. Think clean, simple and modern for a better user experience, without the drop shadows, gradients and three-dimensional effects that don’t really add any value to the actual content.


Monochromatic Palette

Instead of a wide range of colours, the trend seems to be gravitating towards a selection of two main colours with shades thereof. This simplistic, minimalist approach ties in with the neat and tidy elements of flat design.


Fixed Navigation Toolbar

Fixed navigation is becoming fairly commonplace within custom website design. This means that when you scroll down the page, part (or all) of the toolbar will remain on the page, or may even morph into smaller icons so that visitors don’t have to scroll all the way back to the top again in order to get to a different page.


Infographics to Display Data

Infographics are fantastic for a number of reasons: they allow you to present a lot of information while using less space; are eye-catching and intriguing; and easily capture the viewers’ attention in a quirky manner, making people more likely to read and absorb the data that is being presented to them.

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