7 Web Development Trends to Look for in 2018


In the web-development industry the saying, “Change is the only constant” perfectly fits. Web development is changing with each passing day, and the year 2018 will be no different. Every year,new trends are witnessed by the web design agency.Consumers want more engagement and nuanced digital experiences, which is why it becomes crucial to create the new and compelling web design services and other developmental tools online.

 Listed below are seven web developments trends that are going to have a global impact in the year 2018:

1) Chatbots

Being directly connected to users is essential. The popup of a chatbox as you open a website helps the customers to interact with a written or conversation software. This way the website doesn’t need to maintain a different customer service department. The chat box also gives a chance to answer the common questions and even redirect their customers to information or web pages. As consumers will become accustomed to their presence and ways of interacting with them they will expect all sites to have chatbots.


2) The more advanced web applications

A recent study claimed that the young generation spends their maximum time on the mobile apps. Therefore it becomes significant to introduce the new feature and take the advantage of the internet browser, with a mobile application interface on web. This technology provides benefits like no virtual load, excellent reliability and the ability to receive notifications. These progressive web applications can be designed faster than the mobile apps, works for all users and are easy to deploy and maintain.


3) Website Notifications

Website notifications is again a tool for mobile applications. The ability to send notifications to an interested customer is a strategy which started a long time back. This provides with more engagement of consumers without adding the cost of creating a mobile application.


4) User Interference

The use of interfaces has been a significant cause of concern to all the web developers since past couple of years. Even the best designs are pointless if the user is not able to find what he is looking for.

Interferences open a wide range of customization giving the developer a lot of options to build a functional and attractive website.


5) A good photo content

The concept of an excellent photo to launch or instead relaunch a discussion is not very new. This trend has been there and will stay for a more extended period. Just like videos, an informative picture which contains a story within itself is going to work as one of the critical trends of web development in 2018.


6) Single page website

Another web development trend which is here to stay is the creation of single page websites. This feature allows the whole content of the website on one scrollable page. The benefits of this trend are it doesn’t complex the visitor navigating through different pages to see what they want to see. The user also doesn’t just keep shuffling randomly and you have a control on how he is going to learn about your brand.  


7) Motion UI

Users these days are already tired of the crazy gifs and flashing pop ups on the websites. Simplicity is the new trend and that is why websites with medium and subtle designs get more appreciation. Also sophisticated animations and motion UI is becoming more popular. These animations allow more style without the addition of more drama, which makes your website different from other people’s website.


The trends mentioned above are going to evolve in the coming year. These web development trends and features can be used to attract and retain consumers to gain maximum profits in your web design services.

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