New design trends to make your website more attractive

The digital world has changed beyond recognition in the last decade and as we start on our journey in 2017, it is time to take stock of what we can expect in the field of web designing in coming months. Few of the trends listed below are already operational while others are in the pipeline. As a web designing company in Delhi, it is important that you are in the know of these trends so that you can use in your design schedule to give your client’s a better and futuristic looking website.

1). Expect a flatter design to let the focus stay on the content:

Going forward, expect more focus on the content of the website and less on the glitzy graphics. As competition grows, companies have to provide some unique content on their website that is different from their rivals so that more and more people come to the website and stay there to look through the contents. Although good graphics are important to attract a viewer to the web page, without good content it is impossible to keep him there for long.

2). Bigger and bolder fonts to give more focus to the idea:

With contents gaining more currency with the web developers, it is but natural that they will make use of bold fonts to highlight a particular idea or point. In this fast-paced world where the visitor does not have time to scour through the entire website, designers are increasingly depending on putting important ideas in bold fonts to attract the attention of the viewer.

3). New changes in the graphical interface of a website:

Although the importance of content in a website cannot be denied, it is also true that good graphical interface enhances the overall experience of visiting the website. New development in web design languages like flexbox and CSS grid (which is expected to come out any day) allows the designers to design the websites in such a way that was earlier not possible.

4). Expect more scalable vector graphic content:

This is the next big thing in the web designing. It is expected that SVGs will slowly replace other formats like the GIF, PNG and JPG to provide animated content in the web pages. One important advantage of this format is that it does not require an HTTP request which will improve the load up speed of your web pages. In addition, it also has another big advantage of being resolution independent. It means that SVGs can be viewed on any screen without the major headache of adjusting the image for the screen resolution. You should train your staff in this method to not only improve their productivity but also reduce the costs and become the place to go for a company that is looking for web designing company in Delhi.

5). The emergence of constraint-based tools to design a website:

Although responsive websites are all rage now, the creation of this type of pages is time-consuming as designers have to build the same page over and over again in different resolutions. However, with the advent of tools like the Figma, this process is likely to undergo a change. Figma try to focus on the spatial relationship between elements, which allows the users or the devices to resize the images at their end. This will cut down on the time and cost of building responsive web design considerably.   Technical knowledge especially that is related to the digital world is prone to change frequently, it is up to you how quickly you adapt yourself with the changing technology to flourish in your business.

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