5 Unconventional Occasions on Which You can Present Flowers

Flowers personify beauty! Owing to the attributes flowers possess, vibrant colors and sweet fragrances, they can be the best gift you can ever present. Also, they are available in so many colors and types, that they can be presented on different occasion to convey different feelings.

Flowers can be bought online easily and presented on birthdays, anniversaries, and other such conventional occasions. However, they can make a good gift for various unconventional occasions as well. Take a look at the following 5 unconventional occasions on which you can present flowers.


Retirement is not the end but a new start! You can wish the receiver a new and fresh start of his life by gifting him or her fresh flowers. You can gift the receiver yellow colored flowers as they signify appreciation for someone’s hard work. You are also suggested to order a yummy cake to make the person feel more special and celebrate the completion of his or her long career.

Say Sorry

You can express regret for  your faults by presenting flowers! Mistakes can happen by anyone and gifting flowers can be the best way to apologize and seek forgiveness. Carnations and roses can be the best flower to apologize. However, you are also suggested to send a message of regret.

Get well soon

You can also use flowers as a gift when your loved one is not well. You can gift green colored orchids to your loved one as they represent wellness. If you are sending flowers in hospital, gift non-scented flowers as the flower’s fragrance might disturb other patients. You can also send a get well soon card.


It feels sad and disturbing when someone you know passes away! You can extend your support to the person who has recently lost someone by gifting him or her flowers. Being funeral a sensitive occasion, you are suggested to choose the type and color of flowers wisely. Lilies are most commonly associated with funerals and white lilies will be the apt for funerals.

Thank You

Gifting flowers is a sophisticated way to convey thank you. Saying thank you by gifting flowers will make your 'thank you’ a little more special and convey to the receiver that you are grateful for their help. The best flowers which communicate thank you are white, pink, and yellow carnations and lilies. Nevertheless, to make the receiver feel a little more special, you can gift them their favorite flower type.

Now that you know flowers can make a perfect gift for the aforementioned 5 unconventional occasions, you can buy flowers online easily and make the receiver feel special. Today there are many online gifting portals that allow you to send flowers at your specified time and location in case for some reasons, you can be present there in person. 

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