Gifting Flowers to Guys – Some Useful Tips

You may not think about it instinctively but birthdays are a perfect occasion when you can send a man some lovely flowers or a succulent plant to wish him the very best. A plant like the peace lily not only looks lovely but also is very easy to keep in the office environment. Ask your florist for suggestions on the flower or plant presentation that the man will instinctively like. For example, a simple bunch of brightly colored flowers placed in a beer mug instead of a typical vase is sure to delight sports lovers. If you’re gifting flowers to Philippines, be sure to ask your florist for suggestions on seasonal flowers that can be delivered fresh.


There are many occasions like when a man receives a well-deserved promotion at the office or has accomplished something really noteworthy that call for an acknowledgment or appreciation without going over the top. Flowers and plants are absolutely ideal for gifting on these occasions; the good thing is that flowers can be as personal or formal as your relationship and will not lead to unnecessary chatter or even any misunderstanding by the recipient, especially if you are a lady. You can personalize the arrangement by adding a bottle of wine or chocolates along with a handwritten note for best impact.

Get Well Soon

When a family member, a friend or even an office colleague is down in the spirits due to injury or illness, a gift of flowers or a lovely green plant is guaranteed to boost the morale of the guy recuperating in bed. Choose from a selection of brightly-colored flowers, especially the one that last long and send them along with a personal note wishing him a speedy recovery. The receiver will most certainly appreciate this kind gesture.


As is evident, there is no dearth of opportunities for sending a bunch of flowers to a man who you would like to acknowledge. You just need to think a little creatively and go along to please someone with some lovely flowers.

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