Cracking OCAJP Before Taking OCPJP - Java Certification for SE 7

There are multiple Oracle certification courses available from Koenig Solutions to prepare IT professionals for their future careers and to give them a skills boost. Since Oracle is one of the giants of the industry, it makes sense to be well trained in their software. One question that IT students frequently ask if whether or not they need the OCAJP certification before taking the OCPJP. The restructuring of Java certifications has made it a little more complicated. This quick guide will tell you which certifications you need and in which order and provide some tips on passing.

Which Comes First?

IT Career Finder offers this simple explanation for levels of Oracle certification. From lowest to highest, they go from OCA (Oracle certified associate), OCP (Oracle certified professional), to OCM (Oracle certified master). As the names suggest, this means that the OCAJP comes before the OCPJP. To gain Java 7 certification, tutorial blog Java67 says that it is essential to pass the OCA exam before taking the OCP. It can be difficult to know which test to take with the technology advancing so fast, but they recommend always taking the most up to date course available before moving onto advanced or additional courses.

Exam Tips

As it is a popular course that is essential for many IT professionals, it isn’t hard to find tips and stories from past students that you can learn from. You can’t find the actual exam questions and answers, but you can learn what you need to do to increase your chance of passing., for one example, offers the following tips:

  • Buy and use the correct books and study guides (make sure they are the right up-to-date versions for the exams you are taking).
  • Use online resources and forums.
  • Buy some mock exams to give yourself an idea of what the real ones will be like.
  • Review the practice questions.
  • Re-read the chapter summaries.
  • Stay calm during the exam and focus on the questions.
  • Do the practice exercises in the textbooks, don’t just skip over them.
  • Figure out which areas you are weak in and work to improve them.
  • Take notes on your weak areas.
  • Have a final review of all the relevant material just before the exam.
  • Relax the night before the exam so that you get enough sleep.
  • Have confidence in yourself and you will be mentally prepared for the exams.

You can also reach out to the Java community online to ask their opinions and share any advice they may have. If you have trouble with exams or feel too stressed out which affects your performance, there are also resources you can find online that will help you to relax and focus during the exams.

By preparing yourself thoroughly and taking the best courses you can, you will find it easy to pass both the OCA and OCP exams and gain any other certification you need for your career goals. Talk to a course administrator to figure out when you can take the course and get your certification started.

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