Need A Push To Pursue A Career In Photography?

We all have hobbies, or pastime activities or things to do in leisure. Some of us like to dance, sing or paint. These are some of the most common hobbies. But as a kid I was always fascinated by photography. I still remember the days when no digital cameras had made its way into my life. Our family had a camera with a reel. And to get one photograph you had to complete the reel then go to a photo studio to have it printed. That too took a minimum of two weeks.

Staying in Delhi we had a lot of places to see and capture. My father still tells me about the days he remembers when I would go clicking random pictures, in different angles, wasting the whole reel. Even before I could realise my love for photography, my father saw it in me and decided to have me enrolled for e-commerce photography course in New Delhi.

Now I have got to admit that I got lucky when it comes to having my hobby as a career. Otherwise, I really did see many of my friends struggle with their parents to let them take up their hobbies as their careers too. But eventually they had to give in to their parents demand and they left doing what they really did. Today, I am one of the few people in the friend circle who gets to do what she really loves and that too for a living.

But I have got to admit that even with my parents’ constant support and my love for photography, my journey wasn’t an easy one. The other friends of mine had a fixed path. They knew after school they would finfish their graduation and then go for their masters’ degree. For me, the journey was yet too foggy and undiscovered. There was barely anyone who would take photography seriously leave alone guide me.

I still remember my struggling days when my friends had all started a serious job and I was still trying to figure out a way to establish myself as a photographer. Everyone had the look of ‘I told you!’ on their faces. But somehow I kept up my faith and went ahead till I established myself as a photographer. Today, I am proud to be in a place like, this but I always hoped to make things easier for struggling photographer. And, finally now, this is true.

At Pixel Photography, you get a chance to take up photography courses like any other degree. There are different courses according to monthly or quarterly basis. You could choose the kind of course you wish to do. If you are a student who also wishes to learn photography, then I would suggest you to go for a monthly course. I am sure you can take out sometime in your summer vacations and go after something you love, but if you want to have a full-fledged career in photography, I recommend one year photography course in Delhi.

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