The Basics That You Need To Know About a Bmlt Course

Are you thinking about becoming a Medical Lab Technician? Well, then, there are two ways to go about it. You can either opt for a Diploma in Medical Lab Technology, or you can apply for Bachelors in the same, or in other words you can apply for a Bmlt course. These courses are designed to train enthusiasts in the field of medical science so that they can become successful and efficient Medical Lab technicians.

What does the basic job of a medical lab technician entail?

Before delving deep into the bmlt course details, we need to first understand what this course is all about and in what particular field of medical science does this train one in. Well a medical lab technician is that person who tests the samples that have been provided to him or her and come to a conclusion after observing it. For example, the skills of a medical lab tech will be able to determine whether or not a person is infected with HIV virus upon examining a blood sample.

Thus a medical lab technician is someone who carefully studies samples and comes to conclusions. This is the first step of diagnosis and if something goes wrong here, then there will be serious repercussions of the life of the patient. So it is very important to have a well-trained person as a medical lab technician and this is exactly what a BMLT course does. It provides the proper training in the necessary areas of focus during the course so that one is ready to shine in their chosen line of work. This is a job oriented course, and hence, proper training for jobs is also provided.

The important bmlt course details to be aware of

Eligibility: Anyone who has completed their 10, 10+2 and a bachelor’s degree in Arts, Commerce or Science can apply for this course. There is no age bar for this course and hence anyone and everyone can apply for it. However it is important to remember that since this is a strictly medical science based course, a prior training or expertise in the field of medical sciences or biology will always prove useful for the student.

Duration: A typical BMLT course will take up to 3 years of time.

What is syllabus of Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology?

During the period of three years, students will be trained in related medical science fields like biochemistry, clinical biology, immunology, the basic aspects of blood banking, microbiology, pathology and the likes. One will also be trained in communication skills since it is very important to interact nicely with other people in the lab and the doctors.

Job options after the course

Once one has cleared and passed this course, he or she can apply for jobs as a pathologist and a lab supervisor. A Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology will earn one a good reputation and hence if interested one can travel abroad as well for better paying job opportunities. If need be one can continue their students and get a specialization done in their field of choice.

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