Things you need to know about Logical Reasoning Test

Logical reasoning test consists of section of aptitude test under which the candidate needs to be assessed on the problem solving ability. Such type of test can be conducted for the candidates at any level of recruitment. However, it is also common for the recruiting position that needs the significant problem solving ability and better use of logical reasoning. In case, you are planning to inculcate the same in you recruitment process, then given below are some of the important things you need to know.  Understand the fact that logical reasoning is very crucial for each of the employer who don’t want to compromise with any of the candidate skills and abilities.

Know more about logical reasoning tests:

There are many employers who still consider such part if the assessment as an important one. There are so many publishers who use different names for such assessment. But the fact is the purpose it serves in all different names is the same. Some companies use it as TalentQ while for some, it is considered to be abstract, diagrammatic and even the inductive reasoning. It is a good advance when you ask the candidate to attend such test for recruitment since it gives a better insight on whether the candidate is the right fit for the job or not.

Know the Types of the logical reasoning tests:

When you look for logical aptitude test, you need to understand its categories in which it is being divided. Such type of test includes certain types such as:

Elements Logical Ability

The best part about such test is the adaptively which it holds. It is quite difficult to say whether each question is automatically known by the performance in the previous question or not. This way, the question becomes more complex as the candidates keeps on progressing to the next level. Thus, it enables the employer know till which level of logical reasoning ability can a candidate reach and achieve a good success. Such type of question generally includes 12-15 set of questions with a time limit of 75 seconds per question.

Kenexa Logical Reasoning

This is another popular type of test which is also similar to an inductive reasoning test. It is of course again an effective solution. The candidate is generally used to select the right type of diagram which fits in the particular box of series from the multiple options that are stated. Generally it includes the 20 minutes of paper with the set of 24 questions for the logical reasoning test.


This type of test is said to be the grid-style of symbols test in which there is a particular pattern which is being used for different assignments. Such type of two level tests includes Standard Progressive Matrices that consists of 28 questions that needs to be solved in 47 minutes and Advanced Progressive Matrices that includes 23 questions that needs to be solved 42 minutes. Thus, it is crucial for every business to follow such type of test for better recruitment in near future.

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