How Event Planners Can Stay Calm and Composed in Every Situation

In this age of technological advancements and ultra-modern amenities, life is apparently made easy. But if you attempt to delve deeper you will find that just like the ease of life has enhanced so has its complexity.

Apprehension, pessimism and frustration have now become our daily companions in every field. Especially, for those working in the event planning industry, this is a hard reality that they have to fight and overcome almost every day.

Event planners are expected to remain calm, cool and unruffled but that becomes almost a challenge at certain situations. During high-pressured situations, remaining cool is even more desired. Being able to maintain your composure all the time does not only make you look more professional but it also portrays a more confident self of yours who can take control of the situation which in turn makes others respect you more.

Event planning is a profession where you have to face clients every day and maintaining the professional edge, therefore is an absolute mandate here. Emotions and frustrations can take the better of you if you are dealing with unreliable vendors, difficult clients, complaining guests or high profile celebrities.

But remember that the public displays of large outbursts can serve as hindrances in your event career. So here we are making an attempt to assist you to rise above these stress and frustration so that you can do away with the petty impediments that come your way with élan and dignity.

  • Tip 1- Identify the Reason for your Stress

You cannot solve any problem without knowing the source of it. That is the reason why it is imperative to know the reason behind your stress. If you know what you are dealing with and look the problem in the eye, it will help you to stop dwelling and depending on hypothetical situations.

Now it can seem less annoying and daunting and you can look for a solution as you know exactly what you are dealing with and how you can come out of it.

  • Tip 2 – Don’t Lose Faith in Yourself

Did you know that often we flare up and burst out just because we do not have enough faith in ourselves that we can deal with the situation? It is because of this that we become so overwhelmed that we forget about our inner strength and we give up. So when faced with such a situation, you need to control your mind remembering the following:

  • What you have dealt with earlier and your past achievements which will help you to boost your confidence as it can replicate a feeling of accomplishment and control

  • The situation when you have overcome other stresses of life previously

The above thoughts will help you to drive away negativity and harmful emotions from your mind and help you to remain composed in the present.

We, as human being, are capable of doing many things and we often remain oblivious of your inner strength. So don’t underestimate yourself and believe that you can do it.

  • Tip 3 –Try to Restrain from Reacting Immediately

Responding in an off-the-cuff way often triggers miscommunication and can lead to conflicts. That is why you should take a moment to comprehend the situation completely and further discuss the situation before making up your mind on your next course of action.

You should take in the situation a bit before responding. This will also prevent you from aggravating the situation by saying something untoward.

This may occur to you that it will take a lot of time and in this fast-paced industry it is not possible to wait for long. But think it in this way that if a minute or two can save you from saying something that can give rise to a fiery situation then it will save a lot of overall time for you.

For example, you will often find many celebrities fidgeting with their gloves or socks on field. It has been revealed that it is their way of taking a moment to respond in a calmer way.

The above are some of the things that will help you to maintain your calm in every situation. This trait is actually an integral part of becoming a successful professional offering event planning solutions and grow further in the field. So the next time you are about to lose your mind think of the points mentioned above and choose grace and composure that will make you stronger to come around the situation and make your event a grand success.


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