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Love affair with Chocolates!

by Muskan

Chocolate day falls on 9th February the third day of valentine week.More than 3 billion pounds of chocolate are consumed in USA alone in one year.

New Year party is incomplete without delicious starters

In fact, one can have endless snack ideas when they are preparing for a party. Dry chilli chicken, chicken 65 in Tamil, fish kebabs, fish fries and many more. If you are only serving starters, then keep at least 5 varieties of it among which, 2 will be veg.

How to Cure Your Anxiety by Eating Right Food

by Sahil

What people do not know is that with proper diet i.e. by eating foods with the essential nutrients one can easily cure anxiety, in very natural way. And of course, it is cheaper too. We are listing those essential nutrients and the foods where we will find them, so that one may not go down that path.

5 Lesser Known Homemade Food Eateries in Bangalore Every Bachelor Should Explore

by Rahul

Bangalore or just moved into the city, don’t compromise by eating out in jazzy restaurants that might take a toll on your health. It could be quite a challenge to find eateries serving homemade food

Spanish rice recipes and its origin

by Rahul

It fights for immunity and helps the person to stay hunger-free. At the same time, it also is regarded to be a wonderful energy source.