New Year party is incomplete without delicious starters

Planning out a last minute party is not a very easy thing to do. If it is a New Year party, then you need to be very particular about the food. You know that your guests are going to stay for long at least till the clock strikes 12 at the midnight, and you need to provide them with some delicious munchies that can go well with a drink.

Are you a bit nervous about what to pick for your New Year snack platter. Well, here are some ideas from where one can take help.

Chicken Wings with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Chicken is an easy and comfortable meat item preferred by most people who are non-veg by food preferences. Take some chicken wings and marinate them well. They fry them golden brown and add some spicy chilli sauce over it before serving. This will be a hot hit in the party.


This is a rescue snack in every party. If you are too tied up in fixing the menus, go ahead and serve some bruschetta. This is loved by everyone.

Thai Fish Cakes with Cucumber Relish

Fish can be another delicious item in the party. This appetizer is a bit spicy in taste and one can add some cucumber slices dipped in tangy sauce along with it.

Sesame Crusted Chicken

This is a baked snack item and it is very easy to make. In fact, those who are health conscious, this can be a saviour to them in the crowd of oily food piles. Have them with some tangy tomato chutney.

Seekh Kebabs

In any party, there should be at least one Indian snack. Sheekh kebabs can easily fit the bill. Grill them well and serve with some onion rings, lemon sprinkles and fresh coriander leaves. You can also go for yogurt kebabs if your guests are too fussy about their healthy diets. Use cottage cheese, nuts and oats as ingredients.

Pina Colada Prawns

When your guests arrive, welcome them in the party with this and a welcome drink. They will be super impressed. You have to marinate the prawns with lime, pineapple juice and mild spices. Dip them in a creamy coconut sauce and they will turn out to be delicious.

Stuffed Jacket Potatoes

This is purely for the veg lovers. Bake the potatoes which are stuffed with mushrooms, tomatoes and onions. This is a brilliant combination for sure.

Corn Fritters

Golden fry the corn fritters and serve them hot in bowls. This is an instant hit among the kids in their video games sessions.

Mutton Boti Kebab

Grill the mutton chunks to make this. Attach them on a stick and serve them with cocktails. Add some onion rings and mint chutney in the plate.


In fact, one can have endless snack ideas when they are preparing for a party. Dry chilli chicken, chicken 65 in Tamil, fish kebabs, fish fries and many more. If you are only serving starters, then keep at least 5 varieties of it among which, 2 will be veg.

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