Spanish rice recipes and its origin

Rice is the favourite food of many people across the globe. Although there are many varieties that are produced across the globe, it is the basmati type that gets special attention the world over. The reason for its popularity is because, it is easily available and is tasty and flavoured. Since it is devoid of bad cholesterol, it helps to maintain blood pressure and hence, finds great favour among patients. If someone is sick, basmati type of rice is considered to be the best choice. It fights for immunity and helps the person to stay hunger-free. At the same time, it also is regarded to be a wonderful energy source.

Keeps heart healthy and hale

Basmati rice offers cardiovascular care. It is equally fabulous for the heart and is pocket friendly. This edible produce is filled with proteins for better brain and heart functionality. Cooking basmati type is easy, quick and effortless and the result can be achieved within an hour. It is also quite ideal to be consumed by people of any age. As a matter of fact, this rice is also recommended strongly for toddlers since it provides them with good amount of energy. For sport personalities and athletes, consuming rice is seen to have resulted in enhanced energy deposits. This helps them to perform better in their different activities. Also, it helps to control blood glucose, while being fat free. According to the physicians and dieticians, one should consume rice once a day to stay healthy forever.

Spanish recipe

Spanish rice is also termed to be a fabulous choice for those who prefer to eat rice. But it is the Indian rice basmati that is favoured the most, the world over. It is quite delicious and comes with unique flavour. Rather, it can be termed to be a complete meal in itself for the whole family. The basic constitute found in this dish is actually white rice. It has high protein, Vitamin D, iron and calcium.

Preparing delicious Spanish recipe is easy and simple. Some ingredients are to be used for preparing this amazing dish. It is also an economical recipe and can be quite filling for the stomach. Shrimp and chicken can be used or just alone.

Origin of the popular Spanish dish

Rice often is served in lunch or dinner as primary meal in Spain. The Moors had once ruled the country of Spain and had brought with them interesting varieties of rice recipes. This tradition was caught on by the Spanish and thus the Spanish dish became popular. Besides the main ingredients, the other items which were used for the preparation include garlic, parsley, cilantro, onions, and tomatoes. Chicken stock or broth is quite common to Spanish recipes. Saffron is also used in such recipes. It can be cooked in Mexican style by using chili pepper and tomato to add that orange-red colour to the dish. It can also be served with other types of Mexican dishes. Such mouth-watering dish could be served along with beef, chicken and seafood.

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