Kent Crystal Vacuum Cleaner: The Best Vacuum Cleaner under INR 5000

Kent is the only home appliance manufacturing company that delivers what it promises in each and every segment of home appliances. Be it a water purifier or a vacuum cleaner, Kent’s products are certainly top class. The same goes for their affordability. You get state-of-the-art technology for affordable prices. Kent has done something similar with its Crystal Vacuum Cleaner.

Kent Crystal Vacuum Cleaner is the best option under INR 5000. There are very less vacuum cleaner choices when you look for a cleaner in such a tight budget. But Kent, knowing the plight of middle class families, has come out with a brilliant model within that vacuum cleaner price tag. Here are the top features of Kent Crystal Vacuum Cleaner that make it the best vacuum cleaner under INR 5000:

1.      Advanced Cyclonic Suction Technology:

All of Kent’s vacuum cleaners come fitted with the state-of-the-art advanced suction technology, known as their flagship cyclonic technology. Kent Crystal Vacuum Cleaner uses this technology to easily scoop up all the dirt and dust from any surface. The cyclonic technology creates a fast spinning vortex at a really high speed that allows the vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dirt and dust present in the air. The dust is then collected in a cylindrical bin or vessel that is detachable so that you can discard the collected dust.

2.      HEPA Filter to Reduce Air Pollution:

Almost all vacuum cleaners have a dust discharge. During the suction, some of the dust comes out in the form of fine particles that are invisible to the naked eye. With the help of the HEPA filter, Kent Crystal Vacuum Cleaner ensures that this doesn’t happen. The vacuum cleaner uses a three step filtration technology that ensures that the dust present in the air gets trapped. The dust discharge and particulate matter is reduced because of this. This way, Crystal vacuum cleaner ensures a dust-free, clean and spotless home.

3.      Highly Efficient and Strong Motor System:

To make sure that Kent Crystal Vacuum Cleaner cleans up dirt and dust efficiently from the floor and other places, it is fitted with a highly efficient motor. This motor has a really strong suction force. This suction force ensures that the surroundings remain spotless when the vacuum cleaner is done with them. The dirt and dust is scooped up with much stronger force that ensures no residue is left.

4.      Extremely Low Noise Function:

Kent vacuum cleaners have a conveniently low noise function when compared to other vacuum cleaners. Conventional vacuum cleaners make a lot of noise while functioning. Crystal vacuum cleaner makesonly 86 Decibel (A) noise, which is really convenient for users. You don’t have to worry about wearing earmuffs to cancel the noise as it doesn’t make that much noise. With Kent Crystal Vacuum Cleaner, you can enjoy comfortable cleaning.

5.      Handy and Compact:

The shape and size of thisvacuum cleaner is really compact and handy. This makes it easy to operate and handle. The vacuum cleaner comes with wheels that are rubberized, which makes the operation really convenient and easy. Plus, the size of the vacuum cleaner allows you to use it with just one hand!

All these features clearly make Kent Crystal Vacuum Cleaner a value-for-money appliance. With these features, paying such a low price clearly seems like a bargain. For about INR 4800, you get all these features and you can use it to clean your house perfectly.

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