A Customer Guide to the Various Carpet Cleaners Auckland Cleaning Techniques

If you are a homeowner, then you know who important carpet cleaning is. In the past, carpets were cleaned by splashing water and scrubbing it all over. There are various modern methods of carpet cleaning which are more reliable and effective in keeping the carpet fresh and clean. Here below are some of the common methods of cleaning used by carpet cleaners Auckland.


This is one of the most recent methods of cleaning carpet. Just like in dry cleaning, no water is used in this method. The chemical used in the cleaning also contains agents of crystallization. The cleaning agent will suspend the debris, dirt and other particles by use of the rotating brush of the vacuum. On the other hand, the crystallization agent will encapsulate all the dirt and debris and through crystallization dry all of it in to crystals which can easily be vacuumed from the carpet.

Dry foam shampooing:

This should not be confused with the shampooing method of carpet cleaning. The two are different although they are similar. While in the shampooing method foamy chemical is applied on the carpet then scrubbed by use of motorized brush in to its fibers, in this cleaning method, a foam generator is used to whip shampoo in to the carpet and then form is applied thereafter by reel brush systems. Only 10% forms the cleaning agent the rest being air. Vacuuming is used to suck in the shampoo, the air and the absorbed dirt.

Bonnet cleaning:

In this cleaning method, carbonated water is mixed with cleaning agent. This mixture is spread in the form of mist over the carpet. A bonnet, which is basically a circular rotating buffer, runs over the carpet and its rotations remove the dirt and any other debris on the carpet. For best results, the bonnet should be changed as often as necessary so as to ensure it retains its absorbent qualities.

Steam cleaning or wet cleaning:

In this method, hot water under intense pressure is channeled in to the carpet. The carpet should first be conditioned by use of special chemical reagent in order to liquefy soiling and oil-based dirt. Cleaning detergent or solution can be added to carpet especially when it is heavily soiled. Water is extracted by use of vacuum to draw dirt to leave the carpet fresh and clean.

Dry cleaning:

In dry cleaning there is no use of water. Instead, absorbent compound is spread over the carpet and then counter-rotating brushes or mechanized brush is used to work on the carpet. This compound is in most cases in the form of powder and it absorbs dirt from the fibers of the carpet. Vacuum or suction is the used to remove the powder tighter with the absorbed dirt.

Carpet shampooing:

This is one of the oldest carpet cleaning methods. In it, a foamy chemical is applied on the carpet then scrubbed by use of motorized brush in to its fibers. The chemical suspends the debris and dirt stuck on the carpet fibers. Vacuum is used to extract the chemical together with the accumulated dirt.

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