All there is to Know About How to Choose Yoga Equipment

The practice of yoga goes back to ancient India and is a discipline that harmonizes the union between body and mind. With regular practice, physical and mental well-being will be achieved. The practice increases self-confidence, serenity and lowers the stress level. Today, we can do yoga everywhere, but as in running or cycling, we need a perfect mat and good yoga clothes.

 Yes, as in other disciplines it is very important that in yoga we use a specific mat and yoga clothes that will help us to carry out our practice in the most possible optimal way.

If we talk about mat, we must take into account the following characteristics:

Thickness: if you are a beginner it is important that the mat has a thickness of approximately 8mm, which will make the inverted positions and supports more comfortable. It will also help us protect the cervical.

Non-slip: another feature to be taken into account is that the map should be non-slip, which will help you to perform all the postures without worrying about moving mat.

How about yoga clothes?

You need to know that the sportswear market has changed considerably in the last five years. It is not about going out to buy all kinds of shirts and trousers, even more if one takes into account the high price that sportswear brand usually has. But once you have chosen the sport you want to practice it is important to know what the best garment type is.

Functionality, comfort and durability are three of the aspects that must be taken into account, in addition to the appearance, although there are also other factors that influence the decision.

Yoga clothing is a type of sportswear specially developed for the practice of this activity, which requires good equipment to practice them with due guarantees. Acquiring quality yoga clothing is an unbeatable investment, because it provides comfort, is practical, provides security, allows achieving an ideal performance and protects from the climatic rigors.

 That is why when you are in the store buying the clothes for yoga class it is important to do all kinds of movements to ensure the comfort of the garment.

With regard to the type of clothing, generally for yoga, white or light-colored clothing is recommended. It should also be made of flexible and soft material since it involves deep and meditative activities. Cotton garments are very suitable for any kind of yoga classes.

The recommended clothing elements to practice yoga are the following:

Pants: if the atmosphere is hot you can use short shorts, short tights or pirate pants, while if it is cooler we can wear leggings, long tights or tracksuit trousers.

T-shirt: it is advisable to use t-shirts that are tight to the body, since the inverse movements that are carried out in yoga can cause the shirts to rise, generating an uncomfortable situation or loss of concentration.

Footwear: for yoga (and Pilates too), the most common is barefoot or in socks, although there are also specific yoga shoes, which are characterized by their dancer type design, flexible fabric, tight form, thin sole and anti-slip.

Handkerchief: a handkerchief or tubular tape can be very useful to hold the hair or to avoid being disturbed by sweat.


 Where should we buy our yoga equipment?

Of course the yoga shop is the best and for wise choice, Luxury Yoga Shop is suggested. Although we can find mattresses and yoga clothes at various sports stores but buying at a yoga store is a smart move to select items that really fit your yoga type. To note, every type of yoga may require different equipment or clothing.

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