How do you define success? To some, the definition of success is the realization of a particular professional or life goal, following many hours of hard work and determination. For others, success can be measured by the size of their property, the wealth residing in their bank account, or the number of likes they have accrued via a particular social media post; feats often achieved via grit, determination, or sheer stubbornness. Perhaps you count friendships, good deeds, lost calories, or a simple smile from a stranger among your greatest success stories. Success, after all, is subjective, and we’re all driven by a particular set of goals and desires in our quests for happiness and prosperity.

Life consistsof a mixture of disappointments and success stories, some more important than others. How you measure and celebrate the successes is, of course up to you. But is there a way to create your own success, and to steer your life towards the things that bring you the most joy and fulfillment? It turns out that success could be easier to realize than you’d ever imagined.

Identify your definition of success

For some, real success is securing the job of their dreams, living mortgage free, or rising to the very top of a particular organization. For others, it’s the realization of a dream to start a family, an award in recognition of their hard work, or the love and respect of a group of friends. Success is relative; its impact depends entirely upon your vision of a happy, and prosperous existence. To create your own success, you must first decide what it is you’re striving to achieve – and then endeavor to embrace every opportunity.

Step out of your comfort zone

Are you more likely to achieve your dreams sat at home waiting for them to happen, or by heading outdoors to see where life will take you? It can be very easy to become overwhelmed by ambition; to fear each new obstacle and challenge for fear of failing. However, we are far more likely to realize our dreams if we put our doubts aside and embrace the unknown. Allow yourself to be inspired by those around you. Their measures of success are likely different, but their pathway towards achieving those goals could motivate you to emulate them.

Take a leap of faith every once in a while

If your measurement of success is a financial one, there’s a chance you’ve spent countless hours dreaming up money-making schemes or pushing yourself to work harder and faster in your current profession.How many times have you put your faith in a lottery win? Well, you’ll never know if you could win if you don’t take the time to buy a ticket. From using the same digits over and over again and learning to recognize patterns in winning combinations, to allowing planetary alignments to decidenumbers,there are numerous theories that other people have found useful for choosing lotto winning numbers over the years.

Visualize your success

Don’t just consider the ways in which you’d like to be successful; visualize yourself rising against those challenges and conquering the obstacles that stand in your way. What goal would you like to focus on? How do you think you might succeed in your endeavors? Write a plan of action, and visualize yourself receiving that pay rise, or embracing those you love the most. How do you feel? Does anything proactive stick out? Visualizing our goals doesn’t just make us hungrier for them, but also offers a little insight into how we might best approach and achieve them.

Don’t settle for second best

When it comes to creating our own success stories it would perhaps be easier to learn to compromise; to accept second best as the closest we’re likely to achieve. Okay, so you didn’t land the promotion that you wanted, but you got a pay rise. Isn’t that success enough for you? The answer, of course, is no. How can you expect to achieve success if you’re always content with second best? Don’t be afraid to dream, or to reach out for a seemingly unobtainable goal. Our success stories all begin with that innate desire to be, or to have more; they shouldn’t end a chapter short of the most satisfying conclusion.

Whether you’re passionate about your profession, hungry for fame and fortune, or content with achieving your wins a little closer to home the secret to success is faith; the belief that you can and will conquer the obstacles that stand in your way.Whatever is driving your desire to succeed, it’s essential that you approach every obstacle with as much passion and determination as you can muster. What do want? When would you like to achieve your goal? How can you set about the task of succeeding? Of course, it’s perfectly possible to create our own success stories; we simply need to be brave enough to embrace our opportunities and leave our doubts behind.


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