How to Take Care of Your Children in the 21st Century

It’s no hidden fact that technology is evolving day by day. Every day newer things are being invented and put in the hands of teenagers and children. Most of these things are productive for them; however, some of these things turn out to be bad for them. As parents, it is your duty to keep tabs on your children no matter what. However, in the day and age we live in, this rather simple tasks ends up being quite difficult. Every day new devices are being developed, while parents are indeed parents, but, we live in an era where the children know more technology than the adults. This can prove out to be quite difficult since your child will know ways to hide their online activities better than you can expose them. Hence, keeping an eye your children is almost an impossible task. However, we have made a list for that you may want to follow if you want your children to be good ones of their generation.

Have a Talk with your Children

Having a mature conversation with your kids is never a bad idea. Children at such a tender age never realize what’s right for them, more importantly; they don’t realize what is wrong for them. You should tell them how to get themselves out of certain situations and not depend on you (the parents) more than they need to. This will greatly help with their grooming and they might start acting like mature adults long before they actually become them.

Teach Yourselves the New Ways

If you’re a parent, then you probably don’t know how to use an iPhone, while your kids own them. You don’t even understand things like Vine, Tweet or Share. Well, if you expect to take good care of your children, then you should probably educate yourself. If you feel bad asking your children for help, then don’t worry. Just go online, there are millions and millions of guides and tutorials that will help you master whatever you need to learn.

Enforce Some Rules

Some parents don’t feel the need of rules in the household. Rest assured, this is a huge mistake. You should start at some basic rules such as telling your children to come home before 6, or telling them not to use their phones at the dinner table and asking them to leave their phone in the living room before they go back up to their rooms. Once you establish these rules, make sure that they obey them or set some simple punishments. For example, if the child stays out late, he or she has to do the dishes the next day. If they sleep late, then tell them they have to clean the living room the next day.

Be their Online Friends, Discreetly

It’s always a good idea to be friends with your child on Facebook or following them on Twitter. This will give you an idea of what the child does online. However, you shouldn’t post weird things in their comment sections, especially things that would embarrass them in front of their friends. Moreover, try not to mention the child’s online life while having a conversation with them; otherwise, they might think about unfriending you. Sometimes, they may even go to the extent of blocking you.

Using Parental Monitoring Applications

This is more of an extreme precaution that must only be used as a last resort. Spying on your children is never a good thing; however, when it comes to their well-being, you shouldn’t even hesitate for a bit. Parental Monitoring Application is program that is built specifically for parents to keep a keen eye on the online activities of their children. These apps can monitor your child’s location at any given time – down to the street and block number they’re in. You can peek into all the social networking apps installed on their device. You could also monitor their browsing history and block any website that you think is not fit for them. You could also keep an eye on their gallery. Some other things you can monitor are their contacts list, their calendar entries, appointments, notes, etc.


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