Know about the Six Amazing Techniques to Tie a Scarf


Among all the accessories that we use nowadays, scarves are considered the most fashionable. They are known to add utmost sophistication and could spice up even a dull outfit. Well, if you do wish to rejuvenate your appearance with an exceptionally beautiful scarf, make sure to tie it properly. Want to know more regarding this? If yes, please do buy some time and go through the following write-up.


·         Standard Loop is perhaps the easiest way by which one could tie a scarf. The technique is known for providing comfort, securing your neck, and keeping you cozy especially on the cool days.


·         Although it might seem difficult, the one-knot tie is an extremely simple approach involving only three steps. It does not bundle around the neck and cannot keep you warm but the technique does have an elongating effect, which in turn can make you look chic as well as casual.


·         Out of all the ways, French knot is noted for being the most stylish. This particular technique is ideal for the winter season and could easily match any attire.


·         Well, it is surely quite intricate; the double-knot technique stands to be exceptionally fashionable and compatible with almost anything, starting from a casual tee to a burlap sack. Though a bit different, this technique can successfully jazz up any traditional style.


·         In the present times, a large number of women are known to opt for the necklace technique. Well, in order to get this done successfully, you need to purchase a long scarf. Fold it in half and tie a knot with the diagonal ends. Now put this around your neck and twist as well as loop.


·         Instead of indulging in complicated techniques, you can simply wrap the scarf around your shoulders and let it hang there. While many might not believe, this style has managed to acquire incredible popularity in the extensive fashion industry.


Now that you are aware of the various ways of tying a scarf, it is time to finally make a purchase. With myriad of options readily available, choosing one can be challenging as well as time-consuming. In order to make things a bit simpler, I have provided three important tips that you must keep in mind. Please do have a look:


·         Selecting the right fabric is of extreme importance. While there are many materials such as cashmere, silk, satin, wool, cotton, etc., a pure linen scarf is considered the best. Linen has a series of benefits. For instance, it is structurally sound, strong, durable, hypoallergenic, and breathable.


·         Make sure to choose the length with utmost caution, keeping it in proportion to your height. Most of the scarves that are readily available in the market are known for being 50 to 90 inches long and 6 to 14 inches wide.


·         Finally, yet importantly, select the colors quite carefully that could match the various outfits you have. In my personal opinion, darker colors go well at workplaces and brighter ones are more suitable for casual gatherings.


Do keep the aforesaid aspects in mind and purchase a stylish scarf from a reputed store, which could provide quality products at an affordable price.


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