Purchase a Powerful and Sturdy Water Pump for Rainwater Tanks

If you happen to live in an area where there is no dearth of water supply, then consider yourself lucky. Because at many places across the world, people are suffering to get the minimum quantity of water, that is essential for surviving. Rainwater tanks can help you save on tap water consumption and preserve rainwater, making it suitable for daily chores. But, your job doesn’t end with just choosing a sturdy and aesthetically appealing tank, you do need to be concerned about the water pump purchase as well because if the pump is not powerful enough, then the purpose wouldn’t be served.

Now, you must be thinking from where to purchase Water Pumps Melbourne. Well, if you buy a tank from a reputed company, it is most likely that they sell pumps as well. But before you go shopping for a durable and powerful one, here are some of the things which you should know about them.

  • The rate of flow – The number of outlets a pump is servicing to is extremely important. The better the flow rate is, the easier your chores will become. Domestic pumps are not as powerful as their general flow rate is 20 Litres per min. But if you buy these pressure pumps from a reputed brand, then you will even get pumps which have a flow rate up to 200 Litres per min. Especially if you are using this water supply for flushing the toilet or filling up the washing machine, then you do need to invest in a pump which has a flow rate of 150 – 200 LPM.
  • The distance between the house and the tank – Another key factor which you need to keep in mind is the distance between your house and the tank. If you have a multi-storied house or live in one of the top floors of a storied building, then also you need to consider this factor with a lot of gravity here.
  • Submersible pumps – One of the top-most required feature that you should look while purchasing Water Pumps Melbourne, is this feature. Submersible or internal pumps are much better an option than external pumps. They remain partly immersed in water and have various other positive factors.
  • Run-dry protection – The pumps should come with a run-dry protection so that the motor is not affected even if the tank is empty. Especially if the area where you live is drought prone, you must give more emphasis on this factor.
  • Automatic switching – Another feature that should be there in a rainwater tank pump is the auto-switching system so that you do not have to make an effort every time you need to use water. If you buy the pump from a reputed company, then it is very likely that you will get pumps which will function automatically.
  • Space consumption – If you are buying a water tank, make sure that it is not too big and does not take up much space. If you buy a pump which remains immersed under water, then you will save space as well.

So, make sure that you pay heed to these factors while getting pumps for your rainwater tanks. The installation process of these is easy as well. Rainwater tanks and the pumps are affordable and are widely available too. Contribute your bit to the process of saving water. Before purchasing a pump, ask your electrician to make a waterproof electric point for you. Also, make sure that the company has positive customer reviews and are into this business for quite some time now.

Don’t delay and contact a reputed company at the earliest.  

Author Bio: Miranda Jones is a lifestyle blogger and here she writes about all you need to know before purchasing Water Pumps Melbourne. Contact a reputed manufacturer for rainwater tank pumps.

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