All You Wanted To Know About Dust Suppression Systems

Misting canon is specifically made to handle the issue of dust particles generated by various land turmoil like demolition of structures, or land mines. It suppresses almost all dust with its small units that eradicate dust if produced in greater concentrations at simple point sources like ship discharges, stockpile reclamation, unloading trucks, or dumping.

  • Areas of application

The cannons are oriented the main source of dust and quickly compresses the generated particles before they spread all over the atmosphere. Bigger units are helpful in misting the whole area of general airborne dust as well as suppressing particles generated through massive dirty commotions like bomb blasts. Fog cannons will also eliminate stockpiles whereby little volumes of water are used.

  • Designs

Fog Cannons come in different designs and ranges. They vary from 30m – 100m and they all have instant revolution of 270 degrees as well as a flexible degree of elevation ranging from 0-45 degrees. The volume of dust and the atmosphere are the factors that determine the type of model to be applied.

  • Water usage

They take up volumes of water varying from 15 L-6000L per minute. The model and application matters in this case. Water can be mixed with chemicals in order to enhance the effectiveness of suppression or in an attempt to form stockpile crusts. The features

  • Remote control system
  • A dosing unit of chemicals- contains surfactants that boost suppression
  • Fully packed self-contained vehicle units
  • Elevation system of 5m telescope
  • Safe explosive atmosphere
  • PLC automatic function
  • Dangers of dust particles

Studies show that a lot of construction work employees die every day as a result of getting exposed to silica dust. This is why dangerous dust production needs to be regulated by the states. Lung diseases are caused by constant inhalation of dust hence the need to control airborne dust. Despite the posed risks of dust, a lot of construction companies ignore dust control spray systems. They neglect these measures believing that the dust is too fine to cause health problems or that nature will damp the dust eventually. These hypotheses are false because rain drops are super big and cannot bind dust particles effectively. So, these companies must evaluate and regulate the hazards of dust particles and then assess the measures used.

Advantages of using misting cannon in dust suppression

When executed under high pressure, fog cannons prove to be the most efficient and economical ways of suppressing dust. These are the added benefits of this technique:

  • Low maintenance cost as the machinery get less damage when little volumes of water are applied
  • Saving on labor and time during cleaning
  • Enhances visibility at construction sites
  • Minimizes irritation caused by dust to site workers
  • Reducing awful odors
  • Creating a breathable atmosphere by eradicating suspended dust
  • Even fog distribution that minimizes moisture
  • Enhanced machinery performance
  • Lowers the possibility of dust and fire explosions

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