Future of Digital Marketing in current scenario

The power of digital marketing allows geophysical barriers to disappear making all consumers and businesses on earth potential customers and suppliers. It is known for its ability to allow business to communicate and form a transaction anywhere and anytime. Digital marketing industry in India is a booming career today. In a country with a rapid growth economy, it is expected to have a very high significant growth in Digital marketing career. The growth in the digital marketing trends is making a very substantial impact on marketing and advertisement. The big picture of Digital Marketing industry in India cannot be complete if short preview of the past digital marketing statistics is not made.

As we can see that the trend is changing and everything is just going Digital. Nowadays most of the peoples have got smartphones in their hand and everyone is connected to internet every time. So, this has led to an increase in digitization in India. A huge competition among internet provider companies in India have led to a huge price drops in internet packs and now everyone can easily afford internet easily. So, we can easily imagine that in the coming years the scope of Digitization will surely increase in India as more and more people are now connecting with internet every day.

And this will also lead to an increase in online competition among businesses which will ultimately result in creation of more jobs related to Digital Marketing. Scope for digital marketers in India will only get bigger and better in the years to come. You might feel the need to know as to why be this so and in fact there is nothing wrong in researching something before you dive into it. This is why we have done a research and have come up with some facts and figures that will help you decide the worth of digital marketing before it is too late.

Some of my observations on the changing trend of digital marketing are:

1. People have started looking for more interesting and informative things on the internet that can help them create value rather than fake and made for marketing type things, hence marketing strategies will move towards creating those kinds of assets.

2. Marketing objectives will try to help people get better in their business through one’s own business. Creating and maintaining a network of people who are interested in one’s business will be given priority.

3. As always, ‘content’ will be the most important aspect of digital marketing and again the nature of the content is going to be more specific and deeply researched about a topic, moving away from the perspective of “Selling” to making it more useful for the audience.

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