Getting Familiar with Hidden Features on How to Speed up My Mac

Even if Mac systems are best, still they may perform slowly if you have been using them for few months or maybe years. It's not the right time to replace them as this can be an expensive option. You need to be concerned about how to speed up my Mac for better performance.

There certainly are a few tweaks that that can help improve the performance of your Mac (Mini or Book). These simple changes can help your Mac perform much better, no matter how old it is.

Lower down the Visuals

No doubt Mac is one of the best OS available. But with shiny graphics and colorful animations, the performance of your Mac could actually be affected. These special effects are better known to use up more resources from the applications.

To ensure that the system performs much better for many years it is important for you to maintain it. To make it more effective you can try and lower the resolution it presently is making use of.

It is always advisable to turn off the visuals when you are not making use of them. This may also prove helpful for people who make use of multiple applications at the same time. You can make these settings form the systems menu by selecting system preferences.

You have the convenience of reducing transparency and motion levels as per your requirements.

System usage

In case your system is not running at optimized speed, then it is important to understand all factors that could, in fact, be slowing the process down. You can also check up with open source resources to see what apps are actually slowing down the performance of your system.

Several online sites offer tons of commendable sources of information with in-depth information about open source programs that can help. These factors will help you understand how to make Mac run faster and perform better. Solutions at such platforms can be productive to follow.

There may be a number of apps that may be hidden and may be interrupted with the normal performance of your Mac. It is possible for you to check the status of all background apps that are running and using up more CPU power. The moment you have the list of such apps you can turn off some that are not required.

You can also check with the memory tab to see the memory graph of each app installed and running on your Mac.

Clear storage

Mac will only perform faster if it has sufficient free space to do all computations. If the room is small then its performance may also be affected. This means that you have to check with the space available on Hard Drive. Try and clear all unwanted files and programs that are occupying large storage space. 

If your Mac is not having sufficient space left then it may not be possible for the operating system to give its best performance. This will ultimately lead to the sluggishness of the system. This will only slow down your Mac.  

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