How Online Tests Can Help for Campus Recruitment or Hiring

Campus placement are a logistic chaos for companies and colleges alike. It’s just like mining diamond from hay. If we talk about the numeric data then it goes from 6000-7000 candidates were giving the test in MNCS campus visit annually. This number is mind boggling, if it is consider for pen and paper testing method. Most college drive includes presentation, written test, Group Discussions (Depending on Number of Student participants) and then final interview including HR and Technical Round of interview. All the process consume lots of time, resources, as well as most important cost (travelling, accommodation, professionals away from their task, administrative cost). Companies always want fresh talent so have to go through such processes, along with on-campus these days’ companies are also looking for off-campus hiring for more such talented people.

There are many demerits of this conventional recruitment campus drives:

  • As mentioned, they are monotonous, consume much time and lack of intelligence in the approach.
  • Attenuation chances are high among the new recruits, as there is hardly any means to test their cultural fit.
  • The traditional college recruitment method fails to draw any insights into the skills.

All the above pitfall can be covered by the reborn method of online assessments these are test designed to check the skills, personality, or professional proficiency of job applicants, which are created, uploaded, proctored and analysed online. Different skill can be evaluated for example programming, general knowledge, communication, critical thinking, and coding, emotional intelligence.

Online test may include variety of test questions format- MCQs, fill-in-the-black, timed questions, and more. Which tell you more about the candidate with less amount compared with vintage assessment pattern. Industry is on the edge of experiencing a paradigm shift where the initial screening is carried out through online assessments this method is opt by world top most companies because it reduce the time of going through one by one. Once you weeded out non serious candidates from the entire cohort, now move on and engage with the candidates having the right match. Therefore, online assessments help you to save your precious time and resources. Now comes the time to discuss the eminence of online assessments which is unconquerable:

-online assessment are easier to create, implement and take insights. Owing to its pliability, employers are at liberty to show the creativity in assessment concern to any domain and geography.   There’s no requirement of repeating the humdrum and inessential paperwork as in the case of traditional recruitment practices.

-there is no limitation of number of topics included in the online assessment, for example in small customer care executive only communications skills will not help but typing speed and essay writing skills, online assessments provide you extra branches to recruit armoury.

  • The only orchestration to be taken care of involves a personal computer with basic internet connectivity.
  • Tests are holistically proctored. Therefore, the integrity of test is incorrigible.
  • Having less turnaround time in online assessment test as compared of traditional assessment.


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