Tips to Guarantee A Successful Digital Signage Project

Digital signage system is a tool that enables businesses to entertain, engage, communicate, and educate their target audience. Providing the right information at the right time and to the right individuals will ensure that companies convey the information they want. For a successful digital signage project, there are several considerations that you must put in mind. These guidelines will help you out.


For your digital signage solutions to successful, then you must determine its purpose. You can use digital signs to highlight your company image, communicate and even manage internal communication, improve in store experience and entertain your customers. They can also be used to train your employees, guide, alert, involve, and inform your employees. Additionally, you can increase and promote visibility of the offers and boost sales.

Optimizing content

Content is usually displayed in form of a “loop" on the screen. Therefore, you must ensure that the pace and length of the loop is well adjusted to capture and strike the attention of your target viewers. You must ensure that your content is regularly renewed because people get tired of reading similar information and will eventually start ignoring your screens. The content renewal frequency will vary depending on the regularity of passage of your employees, visitors, or clients. Automating the import of your content will ensure that your screens are always packed with fresh information for your viewers.

Use the right software

You must ensure that you use the right software for your digital signage. You need to get software that is easy to use, efficient, and functional. Your digital needs will increase and evolve with time. This is why you must select a solution that offers functions and features that will serve more than your initial needs. With a flexible solution, you will not have to change solutions after a few years.

Media content

For a more successful digital signage system you must ensure that your media content is more attractive. Content must be informational and related to the company services, products, and much more. You can also set up signage for planned messages for welcoming your staff, visitors, staff birthdays or alerts on your screens. Make sure that your content focuses on short duration and should preferably be without sound.

Get word out 

Whether you are setting up the first digital signage system or are revamping a previous one, it is crucial to let your target audience be on the lookout for exciting and new content. It is important that you advertise your efforts in order to build anticipation. You can send messages through social media platforms or display a countdown. Make your staff and target audience excited so that they will be engaged from the first day.

Use your creativity

When designing content for digital signage, you should make good use of your creativity. You can talk to your software provider or support team about your new ideas. They can help you achieve your ultimate goal or take note of your suggestions and use them in future software upgrades. With creativity, you can create the best digital signage for your business branding.

 Offer relevant messages

For successful digital signage, you should consider message relevancy. This is crucial because content that is specifically designed for a certain audience tends to be more effective than one meant for the masses. Take time to learn about your target audience, for example, their expectations, purpose, dwell time, demographics, overall ambience, perceived and real needs.

Pick the best location 

For your digital signage to be effective, you must be right location for your screens. You need a location that is clearly visible without hindrance from the surrounding environment. The screens must also be the right line of sight for your target audience. You can opt for digital signage screen mounting options like ceiling mounts, floor stands, or ceiling mounts. With a strategic location for your screens, you will get maximum impact.

Involve your IT department

It is important that you involve your IT department in your digital signage project. Your IT professionals will assist you in choosing the most appropriate architecture to suit your environment and needs. Your IT technicians understand the needs of the company better and will help you make technical choices throughout the digital signage project to guarantee success. They will analyze both financial and technical criteria to help you make the right decision.

Get Feedback

You should encourage your employees to give you honest feedback anonymously. This way, you will get useful information to help you know make the right decision. You will know what is working and what is not and device new ways of effectively marketing your message.  You should always put in mind that communication is never one way.

Highlight your brand

Your company digital signage must always be an extension of your communications strategy and the larger brand. Ensure that you get feedback from your communications and marketing department to guarantee that your content is not sending contradictory message. In addition, you will be confident that you satisfy all the brand guidelines that are in place. This way, your digital signage solutions will help in reinforcing your brand.

Define and track your metrics

Metrics are key components for tracking the success of your company solutions and digital signage. Even if the successes of your digital signs are not directly tied to financial gains or profits, you should decipher ways of measuring how you content is received by your audience. When you track your digital signage solutions, then you are able to know whether your content is successful or not.

To run a successful digital signage project, you must have a deep understanding of your clients by knowing your needs and planning to satisfy these needs using emerging and innovative technology. In addition, you will have to learn how to utilize your digital signage systems best, create engaging content, and selecting or maintaining software and hardware for them. To be successful, you should never be afraid to seek professional advice that will save you lots of time, many and headaches and may also mean the difference between failure and success of your digital signage project. 

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