Types of Tariffs Offered By Energy Supplying Companies in the UK

The amount of money you spend on your domestic gas and electricity bills is influenced by a number of factors. The type of tariffs offered by your energy supplying company is one of the key factors that have an influence over your energy bills.

Energy companies generally offer several different types of tariffs so as to meet their customer needs. Tariffs can be online, green, social, fixed, standard, dual fuel or other. Out of all these tariffs, the main type of tariffs includes:

  • Standard: Standard tariff, also known as default tariff, is the basic energy deal that a customer gets from their energy supplier. This tariff is applicable, if the customer does not sign up to any other particular type of tariff. Most standard tariffs do not have exit fees for leaving.

  • Online: As the name suggests, online tariff is a kind of tariff under which, the customers manage their account and related transactions online. Meter reading are also supplied online to the supplier.

  • Fixed: Fixed tariff is the tariff, the amount of which will not change for a particular period of time. As a customer you will have to pay a fixed amount for the fuel usage, regardless of price changes in the market. Some fixed tariffs may have an exit fee if you leave prior to your contract end date. However, many energy suppliers allow you to leave at any time without charging any fees.

  • Fixed Online: Fixed online tariff is a combination of both the online and fixed tariffs.

It is important to know that not all tariffs that are mentioned above are consistently open to all customers. Tariffs available to customers may vary depending upon the region, mode of payment and the type of meter installed. Furthermore, there are many fixed and online tariffs that are available only to new customers for a definite period of time until any new version is introduced.

In the United Kingdom, there are a large number of energy suppliers, offering a number of tariffs depending upon the specific requirements of their customers. Scottish Power is one of the most famous energy suppliers in the UK, engrossed in supplying electricity and gas to more than 5 million domestic, small and medium-sized business customers across the country. Formed in 1990, the company provides various tariffs including fixed rates that are available for both home and business users.

One can use Scottish Power Contact Number to know more about their tariffs. Further, you can also discuss a variety of ways to save money and be more energy efficient by directly speaking to their customer care advisors. You can discuss about Smart Meters, ways to save energy and money, ask about energy saving home improvements, gas and electric supplies for both home and business users, products and services available from Scottish Power, changing account details, saving energy, moving home, changing tariffs, understanding your bill, switching to Scottish Power, and for general help and support.

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