How to Choose The Best Football Cleats For Your Game

When playing football, every player should always wear something that protects certain parts of the body, more especially the feet which do a lot of work in the field. Cleats should be the important part of your entire football gear collection and they are necessary. You do not go play football without them. As there are different types of football cleats, you need to know the tips on how to choose the right ones for you. Here they are:


Know The Type of Football Cleats You Want

 Whether you play for the NFL or just play for fun, if you want to choose the best football cleats you need to first understand the different cuts. There are three types of cleats which include low-cut, mid-cut, and high-cut cleats. Low-cut cleats have a similar look to soccer cleats. They are settled before the ankle, therefore you can expect to gain less protection there. Low-cut cleats, however, offer better mobility and speed to the player so if you want to play fast, these are the cleats that are highly recommended for you. Mid-cut cleats, on the other hand, level the ankle. They are one of the most opted types of cleats since they make it easier for the player to gain more stability and support without restricting the movement and the speed. If you are either a quarterback, running back, wide receiver, or defensive back, a mid-cut cleat is definitely recommended for you. Buy The Best Football Cleats When it comes to high-cut cleats, they come with ¾ to 5/8 cut. Sometimes they are even cut higher. This type of cleat is also highly preferred because it provides enough support. It is even preferred by players who have twisted ankles. If you play as a lineman or a defender, you can opt for this cleat. 

Know All The Details

 Cleats usually come in different stud, height, and styles. It all just depends on your preference. Before deciding on which type of cleat you want to purchase, though, always think about the level of comfort that you need. Make sure that the cleats provide you your needed protection. Another way to help you make better purchasing decision is to read product reviews from websites like Also, determine if the style fits that one that you like and matches your playing abilities. Remember that even if the shoes look stylish and full of swag, you need to feel confident and comfortable while wearing them. 

Check The Cleat’s Accessories

To ensure that you are buying the right cleats with a good quality, you must also take into consideration if they come with the essential accessories. If they lack some accessories, consider buying those accessories to gain more protection. Such accessories include extra laces. Extra laces are necessary in order for you to save the trouble of trying to tie a broken lace together when you are in the game. You must also check if the condition of the leather of the cleats is decent. Make sure that they are softer and comfortable. If you buy a pair of shoes with cleats that are detachable, make sure that you buy extra cleats with different sizes. Sizes normally run in 1/2 -, 5/8-, ¾-, and 1-inch. Also, make sure that you have a cleat wrench so you can easily remove the cleats and replace them when needed.

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