8 Important travel safety tips to follow when traveling abroad

Traveling is one thing we recommend everybody do at least once in their lifetime. But when taking that first trip, keep certain important travel safety tips in mind for a safe and hassle-free trip. It’s true that there are as many chances of you getting robbed at home as there are anywhere else in the world. But it doesn’t cost anything to be a bit extra cautious especially in a new destination.

 Important safety tips for travelers:

 For the most part, we can say that it is safe to travel the world but nothing can kill an adventure faster than getting robbed or scammed. There are several things you can do to ensure you have a safe trip without worrying about getting scammed. We’ve listed some of the top international travel safety tips you can follow when you book last minute flights for your next trip.

 1. Make a note of emergency information

 One of the most important travel safety tips for first-time travelers is to keep a list of all emergency numbers. Not that you should expect calamity to fall, but the list will definitely come in handy should you need it. If you’re put in a spot, you won’t panic and will be able to think straight instead. Apart from storing the info on your phone, you should keep a hard copy as well just in case.

 2. Know about your destination

 It’s always a good idea to find out about the place you’re intending to travel to before you actually get there. Know which areas are safe to explore and which ones you should avoid. Not just when on vacation, but this is one of the best business travel safety tips as well as you will definitely have some time when you’re done with your work and may want to sightsee a bit.

 3. Keep valuables safe

 It goes without saying that you shouldn’t really travel with anything that’s super expensive. But that doesn’t mean what you’re carrying isn’t valuable. For instance, shutterbugs will always travel with camera gear that may be quite expensive. Pack such valuable stuff in sturdy bags and keep an eye on them at all times. Get a slash-proof bag as even zips and locks aren’t enough protection sometimes. This is also one of the best solo travel tips  around.

 4. Guard legal documents

 Most people find money belts very effective for carrying around not just cash but their legal documents as well. Whether traveling business class or otherwise, try keeping your passport and other documents always on the body. Also, ensure to make copies of these in case the originals go missing or (God forbid!) get stolen. If traveling solo, trust no one but yourself with the safety of these.

 5. Travel light

 One of the best travel safety tips for the holidays is to avoid overpacking. This is especially useful if backpacking if your type of thing. If you pack too much stuff, it’ll be burdensome to carry and will only slow you down. Traveling light is the best way to do it and your back will thank you for it down the years to come. Leave enough room to bring back some souvenirs or gifts for family and friends back home.

 6. Don’t tell strangers too much

 Yes it’s great to make new friends. No, it’s not great to make ones you cannot trust and will most likely rip you off. You should absolutely be social but keep it within safe limits. For instance, if you make your travel itinerary public on social media, that can be a roadmap for people to guess your exact whereabouts and movements. What makes this a potential problem is that not every attention you get is of the pleasant kind.

 7. Make smart food choices

Just because you’re in a new place and want to try new cuisine doesn’t mean you should eat everything that’s available there. This is one of the most vital travel safety tips to keep in mind if you wish to avoid falling sick. Make sure to check that the food is freshly made and using ingredients that you aren’t allergic to. Carry whatever medicines you’re used to taking just in case you fall sick. Also be careful about the water you’re drinking.

 8. Stay relatively sober when outdoors

 One of the most important travel safety tips is to stay sober when enjoying a night out in a new place. Of course you can enjoy a couple of drinks but don’t overdo it. You never know what kind of people you may run into and this is one of the main reasons you need to be in senses to make sound decisions. Trust your gut instincts and if someone doesn’t give you positive or safe vibes, it’s best to avoid them.

Keep these important travel safety tips in mind when you next travel someplace on flight tickets to have a safe trip. Exercise caution whenever necessary so you don’t have to keep looking over your shoulder when in a new place. Remember to travel light, travel smart, and travel safe. Happy travels!

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