About Bhutan - Quick Information

Bhutan is an intensely religious and spiritual Buddhist country. It is popularly known as ‘the land of the Peaceful Dragon’ to the outside world. Fluttering prayer flags, century-old temples and monasteries, Dzongs (fortress) and Chortens (stupas), monks and old people spinning prayer wheels are common sights almost every where in Bhutan. Bhutanese people are generally shy but they are hard working, fun loving, charming and incredibly friendly.


Visa Clearance must be obtained before your departure for Bhutan, this is also required before we can book your Druk Air ticket. Your actual visa is stamped on the your passport upon arrival at the port of entry. Visa fee is US$ 20 for per person for a 14-day visa. Extension of visa, for a period not exceeding 6 months, can be obtained in Thimphu on payment of Nu.510

Time and Money

Bhutan Standard Time (BST) is 6 hours ahead of GMT Bhutan’s unit of currency is Ngultrum (Nu.), with 100 Chetrum = 1 Ngultrum. The Nu. Is fixed to the value of Indian rupee. We advise you to carry your money in form of traveler checks (preferably American Express) with a little cash (US Dollars), which might be needed for incidental expenses.


Bhutanese food is simple but flavoursome. Meats and vegetable sare often cooked in oil and water, and most dishes include chilies (which provide much of the flavour). Rice usually accompanies most meals. Cheese is also another firm favourite of the Bhutanese people. Most popular drink among the locals is Bhutanese tea, known as souza.


Tipping is usually not practised in Bhutanese restaurants or hotels. On treks it is customary to tip the cook and his helper. You should also tip your driver and guide who are with you for the whole trip. If your guide etc refuses the tip the first time, re-offer it (as it is a Bhutanese tradition to not accept a tip on the first occassion).

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