Few Things Which Will Make You Fall In Love With Chennai

Chennai, how people from other parts of India and other continental describes Chennai. Actually pionts of people different but there intent is always remain same.

According to Chetan Bhagat:  I saw [Chennai]. It had the usual Indian elements like autos, packed public buses, hassled traffic cops and tiny shops that sold groceries, fruits, utensils, clothes or novelty items. However, it did feel different. First, the sign in every shop was in Tamil. The Tamil font resembles those optical illusion puzzles that give you a headache if you stare at them long enough. Tamil women, all of them, wear flkowers in their hair. Tamil men don't believe in pants and wear lungis even in shopping districts. The city is filled with film posters. The heroes' pictures make you feel even your uncles can be movie stars. The heroes are fat, balding, have thick moustaches and the heroine next to them is a ravishing beauty.

Chennai is one of the cities that gives all the ways to have fun. Chennai is indeed the gateway to southern India. There are so many things about Chennai that impresses the travelers and make their time memorable in the city. Grab the bags and enjoy the finest time in Chennai. Book the Atlanta to Chennai flights at cheap price to make the trip really enjoyable.

Elliots Beach

It is the beach which is even called locally as Bessy beach. There is no other beach that one can compare with Elliots Beach. There is a small café along the beach and there is one church on other side. There is also a popular Karl Schmidt memorial which stands royally between that. It is the place which become a great getaway for hangout during evenings. The open theatre spaces makes even farthest nook of the beach very popular, The open theaters usually have some form of cultural events or art forms performed from various parts of the country.

Best Food Items in South India

Chennai is much more about South Indian delicacies but it does form a major reason for one to love the place. The variety of the dishes that one get to enjoy in the city makes the foodies fall for it. It is one such city that has got so many varieties of vegetarian dishes that taste very well. The snacks like idli, dosas and other food items that are authentic to Chennai can make you enjoy being in the city. Madras café is one such a place that should not be missed at all as it is one of the places that serve the most alluring dishes with all the authenticity.

People of Chennai

People of Chennai are very generous and are very helpful. They are very kind that they show much generosity even to strangers.

Heritage Styled Buildings

Chennai is popular for the heritage styled picturesque buildings which are very much influenced by the French and British architecture.

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