How to Rock Your Next Vacation to Colombo

People all over the world acknowledge the beauty of the island nation Sri Lanka. What is underrated though is its capital, Colombo. Many travellers reduce Colombo to a city where they land in and board flights from, before they visit the actual destination in Sri Lanka. If there’s something called a cocktail of cultures, then no city embodies it better than Colombo – with Portuguese, Dutch and British influences now intertwined with the welcoming spirit of the Sri Lankan people.

There are a lot of lot of things you should look forward to when you are visiting Colombo. Read on to know a few of them.

A Visit to the Independence Memorial Hall

The new government constructed the Independence Memorial Hall in 1948 to commemorate Sri Lanka's independence. When you'll reach here you'll find a grand, airy open monument. It's not just the tourists that love this destination but be sure to also find a lot of local students taking pride in their independence.

 Being Astounded by the Sri Lankan History

Not a lot of people know that the history of Sri Lanka dates back to the 4th century BC when it was called the AnuradhaPuram kingdom. Since then it has been ruled by a lot of rulers of different ethnicities, who have left behind their legacies. Witness the artefacts and relics that are over 1000 years old at the National Museum of Colombo.

Tuk-tuk’ing Around the City

Colombo has everything that it takes to be a world-class city. But it also has the tuk-tuk. The best way to explore the city is to book a seat on the tuk-tuk or a three-wheeled vehicle. Meander around the busy streets of Colombo and within hours you will be able to visit all the major attractions in the town.

Shop, shop, shop

If 'shop, till you drop' is your motto in life, then there's no place better than the capital city itself. Colombo is known for its impeccable shopping areas and malls. If there are a lot of local things that are on your to-buy list then we suggest going to the goods market or the outdoor Pettah market. But if your list is more upscale then Odel Mall is the best place to be.

For the people who are interested in the arts and crafts indigenous to Sri Lanka, there are a lot of boutique shops in Havelock town. The suburbs will also provide you some rest from the hustle-bustle of the city.

Watch the Elephant Dancing at the Zoo

You must have visited many botanical gardens (or, zoos) in your lifetime but what Colombo offers is an unforgettable experience. Visit the zoo at 3:30pm and watch the elephant dance show.

Get Lost on the Galle Road

Spend 10 minutes on the Galle Road and experience the rich chaos of the city. You’ll find the best sea facing hotels in Colombo, here. Book your accommodation via Yoho Bed, an aggregator and promoter of budget-friendly hotels and guest houses, and get a bang for the buck.

You can go ahead and experience the magical sunset at Galle Face Green. If the city exhausts you then make the nearby town villages of Pinnawala and Dehiwala your respite. Accommodation in Dehiwala is easily available. If not, then Colombo has a thriving nightlife. Drink and dance till the break of dawn. There are many open roof bars and casinos to entertain you.  All this and more will make your Colombo trip a rocking one.

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