The places that you ought to visit in Ahmedabad

When it comes to touring Ahmedabad, there is no dearth of places that you can visit here. And what makes Ahmedabad so interesting is that there is a wide range of places that you can consider visiting here- from places of historical value to archives of a different nature to lovely joints and eateries and fascinating markets.

Well, if you are looking for resorts near Ahmedabad and want to make the best of your tour to this city, then it is very important that you visit the places listed below:

1.      Gandhi Ashram: You cannot come to Ahmedabad and not visit the Gandhi Ashram. This is certainly the star attraction of the place since it is a living archive of the work that Mahatma Gandhi did during his lifetime. This ashram today not only has the room preserved where he used to work and lived in for many years but also organised lectures and interesting talks about Gandhi’s teachings and motivations.

2.      Sabarmati River Front: Well, if you are interested in taking some time off and relaxing in Ahmedabad to take a break from a hectic sightseeing routine, then you should definitely visit the Sabarmati River Front. This river is the pride of the city and its bank has been beautifully decorated so that people can come and enjoy quality time here. Nice seating areas and lovely green patches make the riverfront an ideal place to spend some quiet time with yourself or your loved ones.

3.      Kankari and Vastrapur Lakes: Ahmedabad is a city of many lakes of which the Kankaria Lake and the Vastrapur Lake are the must visit ones. The Kankaria Lake is the largest in the city and attracts both locals as well as tourists. Located in the heart of the city is the Vastrapur Lake which has a lovely appeal of its own. If you have booked one of the budget hotels in Ahmedabad near either of these two water bodies, you can always go for a walk there when you find the time.

4.      ISKON Temple: There are quite a few temples in Ahmedabad which are beautiful and the ISKON temple is certainly one of them. If you are associated with this organisation or if you want to find out what a typical ISKON temple is like, then a visit to this place is a must.

5.      Adalaj Step Well: There are many step wells in Ahmedabad which makes it such an interesting place. The must visit one amongst them is certainly the Adalaj Stepwell which stands out for its beautiful architecture.

6.      Gujarat Science City: Well, if you want to visit one of the most technologically fascinating places in the city and if you have children in your travel group, then a visit to the Gujarat Science City is something that you need to take time out for.

7.      Auto World Vintage Car Museum: Do vintage and classic cars fascinate you? Then do visit this lovely museum to see with your own eyes some of the cars that you have only heard about!

As you can see Ahmedabad has many places to visit, of which these are the ones that you simply cannot afford to miss. 

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