Delhi is the capital of India and one of the oldest cities of this country as well. When you are visiting this place you must make your holiday special. Here are some important places to visit.

India Gate

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they reach Delhi is the India Gate. In fact, one does not have to visit it. When they travel through the city the gate stands strong right at the heart and it is one of the largest war memorials of India. In front of the gate there is a pyre which burns all the time known as the Amar JawanJ yoti. There are lush greeneries and gardens on both the sides of the gate and it is a great place where one can enjoy an outing with their friends.


 This is said to be the tallest tower in the country and this was built in order to establish the victory of Mughal rulers in India. His tower has a height of 73 meters and it is said that when all the Hindu kingdoms were defeated by the Mughal warriors; Qutubud din Aibak built it. The tall monument has five storeys and each one has a balcony which is open for the tourists. The first three storeys are built with the red sand stone material, while the rest two are made of pure marbles. In the premise of the monument lies a mosque named Quwwatul Islam which is said to be the first mosque ever built in India.

Bahai Temple

Commonly known as the Lotus Temple, it resembles the shape of lotus flower. Built in the year 1986, it is made of pure white marble. The temple is surrounded by nine water pools that flock the petals of the temple.

Red Fort

This is the symbol which marks that Delhi was once the center of the Mughal Kingdom. This is a huge fort which was built in the year 1638. The height of the fort is 33 meters and the magnificent fort is all about the excellence of the Mughal style of architecture. This was built by the Mughal rulers in order to save themselves from the enemies and invaders.

Delhi Haat

If you are shopaholic then Delhi Haat is your place. If you are not, then also you should visit this place so that you do not regret later. This is an all time open air market which has a lot of food stalls and craft shops. This is the ultimate destination where one can find all the exquisite art and crafts products which they can buy to decorate their houses or as a gift item. There are many food stalls from where one can taste authentic Delhi chaats and it is a hub where many cultural activities take place. If you are visiting Delhi during summer, then do not even think of missing the Sharbat Festival.


One can get plenty of hotels in Delhi to stay. One has to decide whether they want to live in Old pr New Delhi.

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