Why are the Museums of Ahmedabad a Must visit?

Ahmedabad is a city that has ruled the hearts throughout the decades. Whether it was in glorious past or in contemporary era; the land is satisfying and embracing. Many tourists visit this city to explore its spots and places. The city has also been linked with Mahatma Gandhi.

Most of the monuments in Ahmedabad mainly date back to fifteenth century. In case you wish to taste the charm of this city, just check out hotel Ahmedabad and do the booking for your trip. Of course, you have to visit there so as to explore its variety. For now, you can have a quick glimpse of some of the museums of this city.

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum

This museum is popularly called L. D. Museum. This is located near University of Gujarat. It is a lively museum of fine Indian Sculptures, innovative Wood works, absorbing Paintings, delightful Bead works, Bronzes, Manuscripts, coins and superb Drawings.  Not just this, Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum also possesses a library that has forty five thousand printed books and nearly seventy five thousand manuscripts. There are galleries inside the museum that are named after some of the well-recognized art collectors. For example, ‘P. T. Munshaw Gallery’ showcases a unique collection of coins like finest punch-marked coins.  You can even spot the choicest compiling of drawings that are a perfect mix of Gujarati Jain style. You are definitely going to get a pinch of enlightenment and artistic charm at this place.

Calico museum of textiles

This museum has one of the world’s best collections of both modern and antique Indian textiles that are all handmade and nearly five hundred years old. There are some amazingly gorgeous bits, displaying unbelievable brilliance and luxury. You should witness Kashmiri shawls that took three years to get ready, and double-ikat cloths whose around one hundred thousand threads are individually dyed before they get weaved.

The museum possesses numerous textile galleries wherein you get to see great examples of tapestries, royal garments, tribal costumes, Patola, exquisite saris and Mashru weaves and also the Bandhani tie-dye.  There is also an exclusive gallery that displays different examples of needlework from throughout the world.  You can also walk through the sacred bronzes, religious cloth hangings and small paintings. The experience is going to be worth cherishing.

Gandhi Memorial Museum 1917

Everybody knows who Mahatma Gandhiji was right?  Indeed, the father of Nation was such a great personality of the contemporary era that it is really hard to imagine that such a persona had ever walked on earth.  He constructed an Ashram on bank of Sabarmati on seventeenth June in the year 1917. Gandhiji stayed there for numerous years but never return to Ashram after Dandi March.  At this spot, a fresh museum was built in the year 1963 and in this museum about 34,177 letters written by Gandhiji are kept carefully. Not just this, the visitors of this museum can also have a look at the different objects of Gandhi Ji like his specs, sleepers and so on.

So, just book rooms in the best hotels in Ahmedabad and pay a visit to these enlightening museums!

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